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Everything in the universe is in motion. I took this photo feeling all of the movement around me, and inside of me, after a full day of continuing education on this rainy day. I’ll be in and out of the office the next few weeks as I spend time learning new techniques. Excited to share them with you upon my return! ‪#‎visceralmanipulation‬

I am taking some time for self care beginning today until Friday, February 26. Looking forward to reconnecting with all of you upon my return: refreshed, sun-kissed and available for bookings. If you would like to schedule an appointment with me, I still have a few openings the week of February 29 and will be checking emails occasionally, but not often. Please use the contact form on this website.


I just came across an article titled

A neuroscience researcher reveals 4 rituals that will make you happier.

To summarize, they are:

1. Be grateful

2. Acknowledge your emotions

3. Take action

4. TOUCH!!!

For more detailed explanations, you can read the full article here.

This is a wonderful article from the science section of The New Yorker discussing a mulitude of benefits we receive from human touch.

“The more we learn about touch, the more we realize just how central it is in all aspects of our lives—cognitive, emotional, developmental, behavioral—from womb into old age. It’s no surprise that a single touch can affect us in multiple, powerful, ways.”



This is an amazing read about the vagus nerve.

“But it’s very clear that the human is one entity: mind and body are one. It sounds logical but it’s not how we looked at it before. We didn’t have the science to agree with what may seem intuitive. Now we have new data and new insights.”

Read the full article from Business Insider here.


It is so helpful to remember that our bodies are not our enemies! We can support ourselves by acknowledging just how much they do for us – physically, emotionally, and energetically. Healing begins when we honor what we’ve been through, and massage offers a great space to heal.


Read the fascinating article from The Good Men’s Project here.


Encouraging you to exhale is an important part of my sessions, as well as something that I continue to work on in my own life! When we are breathing fully our entire bellys expand, even our back! Massage, breath awareness and conscious breathing go hand-in-hand, helping chronic pain and disease at the cellular level.



“The world we live in is out of balance, and as it seeks to self-correct, we experience many extremes. Maintaining an internal sense of balance becomes increasingly difficult and important for clients and practitioners alike. If we remember that at the heart of upheaval and stress there is the information of balance, order, harmony and flow available to each of us, always, it will help us to maintain mental, physical and spiritual health in today’s world.”

– Donna Thomson, co-founder of SourcePoint Therapy.


I took this photo after a 3 day immersion last weekend in SourcePoint Therapy, a beautiful modality that speaks to the inherent nature of what it is to be human, and our ability to facilitate our own health. Truly mindblowing. I’m looking forward to sharing it with all of you soon!